The astronauts pictured above are Charlotte-born Charlie Duke, the 10th man to walk on the moon and Susan Helms, the first woman member of an ISS Expedition. 

The presentation link below details the first steps in building a “Space Museum” here in Charlotte, North Carolina. The process has begun of meeting with local business leaders to test the concept and begin “grass roots” support with influential leaders in the Carolina business community.

Carolinas Space Museum Presentation (PDF)

Charlotte-born Moonwalker Charlie Duke signs a copy of the Carolina Space Museum Presentation

While a museum is our ultimate goal.  We need to get started with our basic building blocks and you can help!  Visit the “Contribute” and “Get Involved” pages to help us reach our goal! 

The Vision:

Recognize the untold story that the Carolinas played in building and maintaining America’s Space Program while providing access to the general public to appreciate and be inspired by the dreams of spaceflight.


    1. Establish a non-profit foundation to foster awareness, excitement, and education to K-12 students about the value of space exploration in the Carolinas.

    2. Recognize the contribution of the Carolinas to America’s Space Program.

    3. Establish a repository where artifacts from the space program can be viewed by the public.

    4. Create an engaging and participatory exhibit.

    5. Inspire young minds to pursue technology and engineering fields.

    6. Establish a digital library of detailed information related to Carolinian’s participation in the space program.

    7. Engage and add value to the community.


Educate those of all ages on space exploration. Create and operate a world-class space exploration museum where citizens from every corner of planet Earth can view and participate in the adventure and appreciation of space exploration as seen through the eyes of the Carolinians’ that were there.

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Bringing Space Exploration to the Carolinas

Click to listen to the interview about the Carolinas Space Museum Project on Evadot

The story of the Carolinas connection to the history of manned spaceflight is an untold and unrecognized story

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